Raw Honey Orange Blossom 1.Lb Glass Jar

Raw Honey Orange Blossom 1.Lb Glass Jar

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The best natural sweetener.

  • 1.Lb Raw,Florida Orange blossom Honey
  • Sweet Cindy's 100% Pure, Raw Orange Blossom Honey is an excellent natural sweetener or sugar substitute. 
  • We produce our raw, unfiltered orange blossom honey from 100% Florida Orange Blossoms! Our honey is made entirely from small, local farms!
  • We do not blend from multiple sources. We do not add contaminants or additives.
  • Our raw, unfiltered honey is gently warmed and lightly strained leaving pollen and delicious, beneficial honeycomb intact. 
  • Enjoy the unique and authentic flavor while reaping the numerous health benefits of this golden liquid.
  • 100% pure, raw orange blossom honey
  • This variety of raw honey is a medium-light color with a delicious, mild citrus taste
  • Our honey is bottled in glass jars to maintain flavor and purity. 

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