What Is Raw Honey Used For?

In addition to its versatile culinary uses, honey has been valued for its medicinal properties since ancient times. To be clear, if you have any serious questions about how honey may or may not be helpful to you, please contact your doctor. 

For Improved Heart Health 

Honey is naturally rich in antioxidants which are proven to help lower blood pressure and triglycerides, two of the leading factors for heart disease. These antioxidants also help improve cholesterol levels by increasing “good” cholesterol and decreasing “bad” cholesterol. Honey  has also been linked to other heart health benefits like increased blood flow and blood clot prevention. 

For Burns and Wounds

Honey has long been used as a topical treatment for burns and other wounds. Its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory nature helps to fight infection while healing surrounding tissue. Particular studies have shown honey’s effectiveness in healing partial-thickness burns and diabetic ulcers as well as skin conditions like psoriasis.  

For Cough Suppression

Due to its antibacterial properties, honey can help suppress coughs, serving as a natural alternative to cough medicine, especially in children. Studies show that, alongside common cough medicines, honey was more effective in reducing cough symptoms and improving sleep in children over the age of one. However, please note that honey should never be given to children under the age of one. 

For Seasonal Allergies 

Although this use of honey is disputed, there is anecdotal evidence to show that consuming local raw honey can be helpful in reducing seasonal allergy symptoms. For more information, please see our blog post on Raw Honey and Allergies. 

How to Maximize Benefits

Since the pasteurization process rids honey of most of its valuable organic material, raw unfiltered honey is ideal for maximizing possible health benefits. It is vital to choose high-quality raw honey from a trusted source. Unless you're sure about the origin of your honey, it can be challenging to tell fake honey from the real pure, raw honey available from trusted local farmers. Purchasing from a small, local honey farm ensures you are receiving the highest quality raw honey being produced transparently. 

Sweet Cindy's Honey - Pure, Raw, & Unfiltered

Sweet Cindy's Honey is a family-owned business based in Orleans County, New York. We source our honey from Moore Farms, which owns and operates over 1,200 hives across Western New York and Florida. All of our honey is 100% locally produced in the United States. We are committed to bringing you fresh, all-natural raw honey straight from our farms to your door. 

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