What Is Raw Honey?

Is it safe to eat raw honey?

Raw honey is an excellent, delicious, and safe alternative to processed sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. Raw honey has been in use as a natural sweetener and folk remedy for thousands of years! Raw honey provides a wide variety of recognized benefits for health and wellness. 

What does it mean when honey is 'raw'?

'Raw honey' means that the honey has not been heated to the point of pasteurization (118 degrees Fahrenheit) before sale. The lack of high heat allows most valuable organic materials that would otherwise be eliminated to remain intact within the honey product. Most honey found in grocery stores or supermarkets has been pasteurized to improve color, texture, reduce crystallization, and extend shelf life. Although the processed honey will better suited for mass production and packaging, many of the health and medical benefits from the raw honey are significantly reduced after the pasteurization process. 

A common misconception is that raw honey and organic honey is the same thing. Organic honey refers to a product created from the pollen of strictly organically grown plants or flowers. Raw honey only refers to honey that has not been heated to the point of pasteurization. Raw honey can be certified organic as long as it's coming from a pollen source grown organically. 

Raw honey offers many health & wellness benefits.

There are several well-established, significant benefits to including raw honey in your regular diet and wellness routine. 

  1. Honey contains a multitude of helpful vitamins and minerals.
  2. High-quality raw honey is rich in antioxidants. 
  3. Seasonal honey varieties provide allergy relief.
  4. "Less bad" sugar alternative for people with diabetes.
  5. Honey helps improve burn and wound healing times. 

Which is the best raw honey? 

It is vital to choose high-quality raw honey from a trusted source. Unless you're sure about the origin of your honey, it can be challenging to tell fake honey from the real pure, raw honey available from trusted local farmers. Purchasing from a small, local honey farm ensures you are receiving the highest quality raw honey being produced transparently. 

If you are seeking raw honey for seasonal allergy benefits, your honey must be produced from local, naturally occurring pollen for the maximum effect. There is a difference between seasonal pollen between the fallspring, and summer months, so make sure to purchase according to your specific needs. 

Sweet Cindy's Honey - Pure, Raw, & Unfiltered

Sweet Cindy's Honey is a family-owned business based in Orleans County, New York. We source our honey from Moore Farms, which owns and operates over 1,200 hives across Western New York and Florida. All of our honey is 100% locally produced in the United States. We are committed to bringing you fresh, all-natural raw honey straight from our farms to your door. 

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