Raw honey and allergies

Raw honey is found beneficial to some people who suffer from seasonal allergies. To be clear, if you have any serious questions about how honey may or may not be helpful to you, please contact your doctor.

Raw honey from local sources works best.

If you are suffering from seasonal allergies, it is likely linked to allergens produced in your immediate surroundings. Common allergens in your environment can include dirt and dust, air pollution, pollen, or a combination of all the above. 

Raw honey produced by local honeybees ensures that you are consuming beneficial pollen from trees and plants that are directly impacting you. The pollen from local sources is found in trace amounts within the final raw, unfiltered honey product. Sweet Cindy's Honey is produced from seasonal plants such as fall wildflowersspring & summer wildflowers, or orange blossoms

Why does raw honey assist with seasonal allergies?

The concept supporting eating local raw honey as a helpful supplement for seasonal allergies is the same idea behind an allergy shot: introduce the allergen, and over time your body may become less sensitive to it. There are disputed claims about the effectiveness of this remedy, but many people have reported anecdotal evidence to support the benefit raw honey can have on seasonal allergies. 

Is raw honey safe for everyone to eat?

Local raw honey is a safe, delicious supplement for many people. If you suffer from severe allergies or are consuming raw honey from unknown sources, you must avoid ingesting until you consult with your physician. The CDC also recommends that infants or children younger than 12 months do not consume any form of honey whatsoever. Honey is deemed safe for people one year of age and older.

Sweet Cindy's Honey - Pure, Raw, & Unfiltered

Sweet Cindy's Honey is a family-owned business based in Orleans County, New York. We source our honey from Moore Farms, which owns and operates over 1,200 hives across Western New York and Florida. All of our honey is 100% locally produced in the United States. We are committed to bringing you fresh, all-natural raw honey straight from our farms to your door. 

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