Does honey expire or go bad?

The short answer is no! Raw, unfiltered honey can be stored indefinitely under the correct storage conditions. Most famously, there have even been jars of honey found in ancient Egyptian tombs dating back thousands of years, still technically considered edible. Although still edible, we would recommend you try something fresh 😉. To make sure your Sweet Cindy's Honey stays fresh, take a few simple steps:

Ensure the honey packaging is not damaged when you purchase.

If you purchase raw, unfiltered honey, ensure that the packaging is not damaged or broken in any way by inspecting the lid, lid seal, and container. When examining the packaging, look for any cracks in the glass or plastic that could 1.) leave debris in the honey 2.) allow excess oxygen and moisture that leads to mold or bacteria growth.  

After opening the honey, store it with care.

Once the packaging is opened, it is vital to continue to store it in an airtight jar or container - the original packaging should be just fine unless it has been damaged. After every use, wipe any excess moisture away from the lid and close the jar tightly to reduce extra oxygen contact. Ideally, it is best to store the honey in a dark or dimly lit area between 60-80 degrees and away from fluctuating heat sources. You may store honey in a refrigerator if you prefer, but it will crystalize. Honey is very resilient, so do not be discouraged if you notice your storage environment not being completely ideal. 

Avoid contaminating your honey.

Honey contains natural enzymes that hinder bacterial and mold growth. These enzymes create an environment for bacteria and other microorganisms that is less than ideal for reproducing and thriving. Honey is even used under certain circumstances to treat burn wounds due to this unique antioxidant and free radical control characteristic. Although honey is naturally great at maintaining freshness, it's essential to handle it with care and not introduce contamination via dirty utensils, excess moisture, and open containers. 

Sweet Cindy's Honey - Pure, Raw, & Unfiltered

Sweet Cindy's Honey is a family-owned business based in Orleans County, New York. We source our honey from Moore Farms, which owns and operates over 1,200 hives across Western New York and Florida. All of our honey is 100% locally produced in the United States. We are committed to bringing you fresh, all-natural raw honey straight from our farms to your door. 

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